Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Gift of Breakfast: A Very Special Toast and Jam!

The All Gift Breakfast!
Spent Grain Toast With Apricot Jam

Featured In today's Post is this lovely gift from Jasmine, over at BeerAtJoe's and Apricot Jam made by Grandma Marie! Oh Boy am i a happy duck.

    Jasmine bakes bread because her soon to be husband (!) brews beer. She gave me a mini loaf of this spent grain bread which was not only Super Duper cute, but was hands down the best wheat bread i have ever had. it was sweet and hearty, but not at all dense or heavy.  It made excellent toast for homemade grandma jam, which Michael got as a gift.
    Here is a short slide show of bread and jam and toasts!
Toast to Beeratjoes!


  1. Hi! I was wondering if the spent grains in the recipe to make the bread are part of the wet or dry ingredients...did she dry them first?? I couldn't find a place to comment on her blog! Thanks!

  2. Hi there! This is Jasmine from Beer at Joe's. The grains were SORT OF wet. I did not actively dry them, but I made sure they were very well drained. They get pretty drained during the homebrew process, and I let them sit in a colander for a few minutes more. This recipe shouldn't be touchy enough that it matters all that much. Hope that helps! If you haven't seen it already, the full recipe is here:


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